12 frames, bronika, NE & CA | 12 frames, bronika, Parkfield | 12 frames, NM


12 frames, bronika, NE & CA | 12 frames, bronika, Parkfield | 12 frames, NM

12-frames-bronika meital yaniv-1
Artist: Meital Yaniv
12 frames, bronika, NE & CA
12 frames, bronika, Parkfield
12 frames, bronika, NM
Year: 2016
Materials: Photography


“How many words hide beneath an object?… Does a paragraph have a shadow?” Writer-Artist Meital Yaniv conceptualized the “Words on Paper” exhibition out of genuine curiosity. She wanted to know how her friends and peers navigate the bridges and pitfalls between visual and verbal practices, and she wanted to facilitate a democratic platform where individual inquiries could converge. The heartening condition of the show is that it does not exhibit work along one continuum, or showcase different aspects of the same relationship; for each maker, creating art and composing written work falls into an expansive “both/and” proposition. Love and loss; the quandaries of being citizen and friend; light and paper and voice and vision coalesce thematically to create a open-handed space to consider the ways words run through our own everyday expressive endeavors.

– Sara Ellen Fowler



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Meital Yaniv
About The Author
- Born in 1984, in Tel-Aviv Israel, Meital Yaniv is an interdisciplinary visual artist writer and filmmaker currently working in Los Angeles. Yaniv’s practice is built on a visual dialogue that bridges the personal and political conditions at the core of her origin. Yaniv conceives alternative practices for re-experiencing traumatic events through mirroring the other. Her book, Spectrum for an Untouchable, was published in October 2016. Together with Eve LaFountain and Ali Kheradyar, Yaniv initiated the conversation series, Feminism Today in May 2013. Her work has been exhibited at LACE, LAST Projects, PØST, Photo LA, Cirrus Gallery, Shulamit Gallery, Raid Projects and For Your Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Yaniv holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.