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Artist: Toisha Tucker
Title: Orlando
Year: 2015
Materials: Digital Print


The striking profile of “Orlando” (digital print, ed. of 3, 2015) posits the equation of combining two portraits (author Virginia Woolf and conceptual artist/creative writer Toisha Tucker) to make a third masculine-appearing merge. In her image-based and recorded contributions to “Words on Paper,” Tucker contemplates identity in relationship to others – a lover or a historical figure such as Woolf or a family member. Her stream-of-consciousness MP3’s, sent from the east coast where she was working on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and played at each reading event, lent urgency and longing to the exhibition space. The constructed portrait was the only uninterrupted figure in an exhibition filled with intimations of bodies and the magnetisms between them. While “Orlando” served as a grounding mechanism for the show, the complexity in the act of gendering the figure (two beautiful female profiles blending into a masculine read) created a politically charged tone. Tucker’s willful sincerity deepened her absence/presence into an irrefutable force in the exhibition.

-Sara Ellen Fowler

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Toisha Tucker
About The Author
- Toisha Tucker was born in Oklahoma. She is a conceptual artist and creative writer. She received her BA in Philosophy and History with a concentration in English Literature from Cornell University in 2002, her Post Baccalaureate in Visual Arts with distinction from UC Berkeley Extension in 2009, completed additional coursework at SAIC in 2010 and in 2013 received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Design. She has exhibited in Rosendale, Omaha, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and Verona. Toisha is an Affiliated Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and AIR Alumni of the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Her short fiction After Jacob’s Room was published in the Vassar Review in 2016. She currently resides in the Northeastern United States.