Artist: Anna Knecht Schwarzer
Title: Sister
Year: 2016
Materials: Silkscreen Print


Verbs ratify process, duration, and transformation. Anna Knecht Schwarzer’s practice – her art and activism – is chalk full of action. Animated by a deep spring of compassion and sense of justice, her works reach out in solidarity. “Real work happens by complications…Real work happens by archeology and assembly,” Schwarzer states in her litany prepared for the “supposedly between them” reading (the second of five held at LAST Projects). All of these conditions are present in “Sister,” (2016) the silkscreen triptych installed for “Words on Paper.” The triptych, white images and text on a black ground, features three icons coupled with three highly associative poems. The words activate the senses as well as an emotional response for their inference of danger and violation. The pieces are atmospheric and assertive, beautiful and betraying any sense of safety.

But I trust Schwarzer a lot. To take us down into the depths. And once there, to conjure the salt sky and all the earthly processes that nourish the body. She understands and honors the politics of communication. How we address one another, our relationships, she advances, can be our undoing or our exaltation. Her work is productive in the best sense of the word – leading with an open hand and charging our looking with vitality and grace.

– Sara Ellen Fowler


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