Jackie Lang


Jackie Lang

Jackie Lang is a queer librarian and roller derby girl in Oakland, California. She loves NPR, binge watching Netflix, thrift shopping, vegan cooking, museum-ing (gotta use that art history degree somehow), and reading everything.


What do you remember from childhood about coloring?
As a child, I remember being really good at coloring but I was IMPATIENT. I liked coloring books and staying inside the lines, that was kind of a soothing activity for me. My parents bought me lots of dinosaur coloring books which was fantastic because I was obsessed with them (I still am!) But I had super strong feels about color‐by‐numbers activities and I very much disliked them.


What role does coloring (however you want to define it! choosing color, applying color,whether for art, make‐up, food) play in your life today? How would you describe your joy of coloring?
Today, I experience color every day with my body modifications. I color my hair purple and blonde, I have bright tattoos, and I also like to play with makeup. It brings me endless joy to feel like I have art on my body and that I can stand apart visually by adding color in unconventional ways. I mean, I guess they are in‐group conventional, but you know! Hah. For roller derby, I always wear almost theatrical makeup because it makes me feel intimidating.


Does your joy of coloring connect with aspects of your identity? How/why?
Oh yeah, I’d say my joy of coloring is tightly connected with my identity because it all has to do with my presentation. And thoughtful, purposeful modifications. When I look at pictures of myself before my tattoos, it almost doesn’t look like me because I’ve always had this sensation that my skin was supposed to be tattooed. And I’m just trying to make my skin look the way it should. I also feel more like myself when I wear stylized makeup. It just feels truer to how I see myself on the inside.


If someone wanted to pursue the joy of coloring, what is an exercise or activity or prompt that you would suggest from your own experiences?
Oh, hmmm. I’d say just enjoying the time you are taking for yourself as you get ready in the morning, that quiet time at the beginning of the day. That’s when I can really think about the colors and styles that represent me. From the makeup I put on my face to choosing clothes to display my tattoos. And if you’re not confident makeup‐wise and you want to be, YouTube videos are kind of amazing and really hit the spot. I’ve gotten some really great ideas especially with roller derby makeup trying to replicate styles from videos. I’m sporting a Mike Tyson inspired face tattoo (done in black liquid eyeliner, of course) in one of the images I submitted.


You get to name five Crayola crayons that are based on the palette and mood of the day you are having today. What do you name them? 
  • ‐The. Most. Feelings. (hot pink)
  • ‐Super Massive Black Hole (super black)
  • ‐Airplane Wing (silvery white)
  • ‐Bashful (light red)
  • Sycamore Leaf (medium‐light green)
Coloring might seem to some like child’s play. Is there more to it than that? What in your mind is the benefit of coloring in the world?
Coloring changes sometimes as you grow up. Just like everything else, reasons and justifications for what we do and how we express ourselves become more layered‐ and not in abad way! Just part of growing up, I think. For me, more coloring represents individual expression of identity because it makes me feel unique and beautiful. So maybe coloring brings about a sense of empowerment and ownership for some people, and that would certainly count as a benefit in the world. Just sayin’
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