Jady Dyer

Jady Dyer is a queer, trans artist type making a living as bicycle mechanic in Washington DC. Jady spends their time finding ways to exist in the realms of color & creative collaboration,music‐making, geometric & gendery ponderances, and in building queer community.
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What do you remember from childhood about coloring?
I remember a few things: having a hard time staying inside lines, but I think I liked when there was the freedom to surpass that boundary. I would sometimes break crayons in the middle from coloring so hard,and I loved peeling the paper off of them. I always thought my friends’ color choices were better. i loved the spectrum of neon colors, and also the metallic crayons.


What role does coloring (however you want to define it! choosing color, applying color, whether for art,make‐up, food) play in your life today? How would you describe your joy of coloring?
My wardrobe these days tends to have a base of either black or muted colors (ie. all the grey tones, slate blue, sage green) that have a pop of saturated something.I gave away my makeup long ago, but I loved using deep blues and greens on my eyelids.I was recalling the other day my history of hair dye. I was sixteen when I first put color in my hair. I went from a natural coffee brown to… I think it was called Hibiscus. It was like a dark red with a purplish tinge. I’ve gone all over the board: black, lavender, fire engine red. and 17 years later I just bleached a front chunk of hair and threw some Emerald color in it.My joy (of coloring) is mostly a giddy energy surrounding the ability to connect a certain hue with how I’m feeling internally and then have it be visible, especially if I have difficulty emoting or articulating what’s going on inside.


Does your joy of coloring connect with aspects of your identity? How/why?
I think so. I have a strong connection to oceans, having grown up about 15 minutes the shore in NJ. I’m drawn to blues with hues of green. Being surrounded by or clad in teals and aquamarines feels inexplicably comforting/healing/grounding, and calls out to the Sea Child in me. I also identify as Fluid in many capacities, so I think that’s tied into blue colors for me.


If someone wanted to pursue the joy of coloring, what is an exercise or activity or prompt that you would suggest from your own experiences?
Spend time laying in a field. or go to an aquarium. or stand in front of a Keith Haring mural. or be amongst a crowd of people. Wherever it is you go, absorb some color energy there. Then play with some (non‐toxic)paint, and put it on your face, your hair, your hands. Get to know the color somehow.


You get to name five Crayola crayons that are based on the palette and mood of the day you are having today. What do you name them?
  • Perpetual Pensivity Periwinkle
  • Shame Cave Crimson
  • Whirlwind Adventure Azure
  • The Tiniest Fear of Rejection Steel Grey
  • Let Go and Let Gay Glitter Edition
Coloring might seem to some like child’s play. Is there more to it than that? What in your mind is the benefit of coloring in the world?
Coloring to me now includes a couple things: I get to create a structure (of lines) or acknowledge/learn a pre‐existing one and then take it in whatever colorful direction I want to, whether I abide within the created boundaries or decide to move my colors outside of that. If it is child’s play, then it’s evolved, healthy, productive, engaging and growth‐stimulating child’s play, which are all good, beneficial things to be happening in the world, in my opinion.
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