“There’s a Rainbow in All of Us” by Lisa Donato

Lisa Donato specializes in directing, writing, and producing for commercial and indie film productions. Credits include shows for National Geographic Wild, Oprah Winfrey Network, and several short and feature films. Her personal stories have been published in the LA Times, Self Magazine, Curve, 5280, and more. The first feature screenplay that Donato wrote with comedian/writer, Fawzia Mirza, was one of three scripted projects accepted into the 2016 Tribeca Film Institute marketplace. 


A timeline by Lisa Donato:

30 years ago,
I had a dream to be a film director.
27 years ago,
I fell in love with a girl in my Christian rap group.
25 years ago,
Church leaders spoke in tongues and tried to expel the ‘devil’ inside me.
20 years ago,
A high school advisor told me that pursuing art was irresponsible.
18 years ago,
I started dating a woman from my sorority and we spent four of eight years in the closet.
16 years ago,
I struggled with internal homophobia and contemplated suicide. (Daily.)
12 years ago,
I played it safe and went to work in a corporate America marketing cube farm.
10 years ago,
I fell in love with a woman who was proud to be a lesbian. (We’re still together.)
8 years ago,
I marched on Capital Hill and fought for LGBT equality with the Senate and House of Representatives.
4 years ago,
I finally had the courage to leave my job in pursuit of a dream.
2 years ago,
I made my first film.
1 year ago,
I screened my film at the legendary Castro Theatre two days after same-sex marriage became legal.
I realize that nothing fulfilling can come from shame.