Whit McClure


Whit McClure

Whit McClure is a queer black femme florist, cook, gardener, community organizer, & artist currently based in Los Angeles.


What do you remember from childhood about coloring?

I remember loving coloring so much! I was particularly drawn to the Crayola “Cerulean” blue hue. To me, it was the most perfect and magical shade of blue. I’d use it so much that I’d ask for a new pack of crayons once I had worn that one down, which was ridiculous because the rest of the pack was usually still intact.


What role does coloring (however you want to define it! choosing color, applying color, whether for art, make‐up, food) play in your life today? How would you describe your joy of coloring?

Coloring allows me to shift how I present myself (through makeup), informs the well‐balanced nature of a meal I’m cooking, and sets the stage for feeling relaxed, grounded, and safe through the colors I choose to paint of the walls of the place I live.


Does your joy of coloring connect with aspects of your identity? How/why?

My joy of coloring connects me with my creativity and optimistic outlook. I not only love colors on their own, but also color combinations, and how colors play off of and compliment each other. Seeing two colors side by side while coloring often makes me think of their applications in other mediums that I like to play with, such as cooking and making jewelry. I’m also a firm believer in the power of colors to incite emotion, and think that coloring brings me in touch with where I am based on which hues I’m attracted to at a given time.


If someone wanted to pursue the joy of coloring, what is an exercise or activity or prompt that you would suggest from your own experiences?

Buy a coloring book and a pack of crayons, put on some music, and go to town. You don’t need expensive supplies, solely the urge to get back in touch with that child inside of you by plugging out and enjoying an activity that you can easily get lost doing it.


You get to name five Crayola crayons that are based on the palette and mood of the day you are having today. What do you name them?

  • Coral pink
  • Cloudless Sky
  • Sunkissed Brown Skin
  • Smog
  • Orchid Purple


Coloring might seem to some like child’s play. Is there more to it than that? What in your mind is the benefit of coloring in the world?

Coloring is child’s play, but I don’t think that becoming an adult means that you have to become so serious to where you shed all aspects of childhood from your personality and life. I think that coloring taps into that time of carelessness, fun, and abandon that often characterizes childhood (if we are fortunate enough). I think coloring is a wonderful and fun exercise in bringing our individual visions to life.




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