Words on Paper – Introduction


Words on Paper – Introduction


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This fall, a compelling exhibition was staged at LAST Projects Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Organized by writer-artist Meital Yaniv, the show brought together eight woman-identified, queer artists whose practices also utilize the written word. “We live between the objects we make and the pages we write,” Yaniv opens in the exhibition press release. To live. To be between. To make. Objects. Pages. Space was made to examine each of these notions in concrete and abstract terms; the range of expressions offered up into the exhibition tract offer insight into studio life, radical living, and critical practice in these women’s lives.

The artists convened virtually (as they are installed across miles and oceans) to collectively support one another in an inquiry into the nature of form and identity. The parameters of the show, as Yaniv envisioned the opportunity, included a brick and mortar physical manifestation of artworks activated by five live reading events held in the exhibition space over the course of two weeks. The artists were asked to produce ten minutes of content for each reading around a different theme.

The readings were named:

#1: touching (a)part

#2: supposedly between them

#3: You Said It Wouldn’t Hurt

#4: the tiny in the vast

#5: where will I be buried

The united induction into this intense production cycle compelled the artists to risk sharing vulnerable, fresh writing. And recognition of pushing one’s practice to its limits was met by the safe environment of the art installation and the supportive audience. There was a palpable, powerful sense of becoming that permeated the show. The artists engaged an active support network to discuss ideas and make democratic decisions about the exhibition, and this procedural/conceptual framework permeates the generosity of their multidisciplinary offering.

In the spirit of the primary exhibition, the artists have agreed to revisit and emend one of the live pieces that were shared at the reading events for the purposes of presenting “Words on Paper” on Voluble. This site was devised as a laboratory space for artists to have a space to consider their process in a new light. I invite you to click on the image galleries to view installation shots alongside the co-occurred performance texts, and consider the formal and conceptual blends we use to create meaning as artists and citizens.

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